“The children were so enthusiastic about their performance, and exceptionally “professional” in changing the scenery props! Also amazingly well behaved, even when waiting off stage to make their appearance on stage. Great bird and fairy costumes, relatively simple but very effective.”

— Rosalie Alexander, audience member

“Our kids have very much enjoyed, and benefitted from, attending the Stabback Music Studio’s summer camps over the past several summers. The programming is high quality and the kids learn a lot – about singing, drama, collaboration, and playwriting, each year. It has invariably been an inclusive and supportive learning environment. I highly recommend this camp!”

— Rebecca Bromwich, parent

“I had a really amazing time at the camp! I really enjoyed the musical and everything we got to do for it. I learned so much from you and Leana! Thanks so much!”

— Victoria Christie, student

“I was privileged to be invited to attend the final production of the March Break week Music and Drama camp directed by Tracey Stabback. The young actors/singers presented three interesting short plays. All of the young performers show real promise. They had learned to speak clearly, to sing some difficult pieces, to move between song and speech easily, and to involve the audience in the story they were presenting. For the most part, their timing was very good. All of this points to a good learning experience under the tutelage of Tracey and her staff. Congratulations to everyone involved.”

— Fred Demaray, audience member

“Absolutely wonderful camp! My daughter, Georgia, was totally engaged and immersed. She was committed to, not only learning her own part, but also the parts of all the other characters in the play. Each day she would come with stories about the progress you were making, and the challenges you faced… I was very impressed with the end product – more importantly you could see that the children were enjoying themselves… each day I felt confident that my daughter was safe and was provided excellent care and instruction. What unique experience – We will definitely be back next year!”

— Karen Douglas, parent

“You really made the audition a wonderful experience for the girls! We were delighted to experience your teaching techniques first hand. You are a fabulous teacher/coach and our girls are very lucky to have you working with them!”

— Paul Fera, parent

“Thank you so much for all the effort you make for this program. It’s so enriching and fun for the kids. They all looked so enthusiastic and prepared for their performances. It’s a wonderful program that you have.”

— Carole Anne Holden, parent

“Thank you for the wonderful experiences at the March Break Camp. I had fun working on my acting skills. The camp gave me time off of school and allowed me to run around, have fun, and relax. I enjoyed being Mr. Pencer in Snowbound Dreams and Custard in A Dream Deferred. I had a lot of fun with the other people and it was a great ‘camping’ environment. I can’t wait to be part of summer camp again this year!”

— Ben Lam, student

“I have been to many other musical theatre camps before the Stabback Music Studio’s but these musical theatre camps are different. These camps are two weeks long which gives more time to perfect the show and the shows that are chosen are awesome and fun to prepare and perform. I like that you audition for your part, it gives good audition experience and it gives everyone a part that they can handle. I have learned so many things from this camp from expanding my musical and vocal experience to working on my drama skills to getting more performance experience. As a result, I have really expanded my vocal range and dramatic skills and I have learned so much from working with different directors and actors. I love going to the Stabback Music Studio’s Musical Theatre camps because they are always so much fun and I have made so many great friends there!”

— Julia Lauton, student

“Tracey Stabback’s Musical Theatre Camp is great. My favourite part is performing the play because it makes me feel like I have worked hard for something and it’s finally paying off. I love creating the costumes and becoming the character. I love working with other people and just having FUN! I am definitely coming back next year!”

— Annabel Levin, student

“I have been going to camp for two years and I absolutely love it, with all the singing and dancing, and the ending show its awesome. I always have a fun time because I love meeting new people, and I make lots of friends. The ending show is great too, with all the practicing we make an incredible show at the end of the camp. At the beginning we learn lots of techniques for acting and we learn while having fun. I also enjoy making props and practicing for the show because I love to act and sing, so even if you don’t have experience it’s still great because you learn. I will definitely come back!”

— Elisabeth Levin, student

“A big congratulations on the awsome work that you and your team accomplished in just two weeks. Thanks so much for inviting me to the final day’s concert. The kids were excited, proud and focussed … and so were the parents !! My favourite part was when the kids came together as a group to sing and dance. Very effectively choreographed.”

— Louise London, audience member

“The over all effect of the play was fantastic! I can not believe what your team managed to create within such a short time. A very big thank you for all your efforts. Abby must have thanked me at least five times on Friday night for putting her in the your camp.

We will look forward next year!”

— Connie Marszowski, parent

“This year our son went to the Musical Theatre summer camp. He enjoyed the camp thoroughly and looked forward to attending the class every day. The number of songs and poems he learned within those five days was phenomenal. There was a short performance at the end of the camp. It was very professional, and the presentation was beautiful. The kids even changed dresses in between the songs. The kids learned about teamwork. It was a great effort from Tracey. I highly recommend this Musical Theatre camp to all kids.”

–Urmidola Raye, Parent

“As my children didn’t have musical theatre experience previously, and taking into account their young age, I was concerned if this camp would be an appropriate choice. When I was coming to pick them up on the first day… I was worried… until I saw them: they were so excited! And this excitement didn’t disappear until the end of the camp. At home they continued to talk about their camp experiences and how much they enjoyed it. I was blown away with their enthusiasm toward learning their parts for the show. I didn’t have to make them – (the) kids wanted to work on their lines themselves.

The musical on the last day of camp was absolutely incredible! (The) children’s wonderful performance brought tears to our eyes. The organization of the show, the role assignment and the decorations (created with children’s help) were impeccable. It is hard to believe that this level of performance was achieved just in 9 days!

The location of the camp was perfect for me as it is close to my work and home… The price was very suitable.”

— Natalia Strelkova, parent

“My child utterly enjoyed the fantastic program of the Stabback Music Studio’s summer theatre camp! Lots of fun activities throughout the week, and best of all, the children learned so much about working together as a team and how to support their scene partners’ creativity. I was blown away by the finale show at the end of the week. The children worked so hard at singing, dancing, and reciting poems. It was such a joy to watch them perform and be proud of their work!”

— Amy Sun, parent

“I had a blast working with everyone! It was definitely a great experience, and I learned a lot about writing and leadership! Thanks again for the opportunity.”

— Kimiko Vann, student

“Going to this camp has really changed my musical perspectives. It has taught me how to connect better with my character and musical spirit. I hope that many other people will come and experience the same wonderful camps!”

— Vansuilian Vum, student

“Stabback Music Studio’s Summer Camps are a great way to spend the summer. I’ve participated in two shows so far in the Regular and Apprenticeship programs. I always learn lots while having a great time. There’s a great balance between work and fun and it’s always interesting. You get to learn about singing, dancing, and acting, as well as the backstage work involved in a production, and then at the end get to show off the final product. Tracey and her staff are friendly and knowledgeable, making this camp great every year.”

— Alisha Wilkinson, student